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Our People

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Simon is the CEO and co-founder of eNavvi.

As an internal medicine physician, he discovered the desperate need to streamline the delivery of healthcare data to the right person, in the right format, at the right time. Additionally, Simon’s study at Lund University in Sweden allowed him to gained insights to European healthcare delivery system and ultimately led him to the idea of usercentric cross platforms transparency tool. Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and passions for medicine and technology, he founded eNavvi to meet this need.

As a physician he understands the struggles of patients, providers, and pharmacists. He believes drug price transparency will ultimately minimize financial impact for patients, improve compliance, and lead to better health outcome.

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Tucker is a co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer / Chief Technical Officer.

Tucker’s experience spans the full range of technical and business development. As an Associate at McKinsey, Tucker focused on digital transformations for legacy, $10B+ companies and product strategy for large and small portfolio companies.

Originally a software engineer, Tucker spent many years as a frontline developer at Microsoft and the Department of Defense, focusing on cybersecurity.

Tucker’s interest in eNavvi stems from his relentless political activism and belief in public service, specifically that data and transparency can make public institutions more efficient and effective in driving social good.

Tucker holds an MBA from Harvard, MS in Computer Science from Stanford, and a BA from Dartmouth.

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Howard is the Co-Founder and a Senior Advisor at eNavvi.

A graduate of both Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School, he previously worked at the Boston Consulting Group, where he specialized in building a better hospital experience and becoming an advocate for patients. At his role, he also became passionate about the issues of drug non-compliance and the subsequent need for drug price transparency.

His business acumen, coupled with his knowledge of the medical field and understanding of patients’ needs, has inspired his patient- and provider-centric approach to his role at eNavvi.

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As a General Manager at eNavvi, Alex creates and implements processes to streamline the translation of medical and insurance information into the end products for eNavvi users. Alex’s motivation for joining eNavvi is inspired by his daily interactions as a Medical Resident with the underserved population, who disproportionally suffer from the lack of information with regards to medication coverage

Alex is currently a Medical Resident and future Chief Resident at Scripps in San Diego. He earned a Bachelors of Science from Loyola Marymount University in Biochemistry.

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Having attained an MD and MBA, coupled with a background working in Healthcare focused Private Equity, VC and technology start-ups, Teja brings strong understanding of healthcare, medicine and business to eNavvi.

He strongly believes that increasing transparency within healthcare to providers and patients will improve affordability and lead to substantially better outcomes.

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Anya works as the Director of Marketing for eNavvi creating the strategy to bring eNavvi to care providers so they may benefit from the tool as well as extending its reach to demographics most in need of financially sustainable medication options. eNavvi’s mission to provide drug price transparency and improve health outcomes for Americans aligned with Anya’s desire for improvements in the United States healthcare system which led her to enthusiastically join the team.

Anya received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She has a diverse professional background that includes project management experience with an emphasis on content marketing within the start-up domain.

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Part of the Branding and Marketing team, Amanda is the lead Designer and Social Marketing Manager at eNavvi.

She received her B.A. in Psychology and B.A. in Communication Studies from UCLA. Her professional expertise includes developing integrated media & digital strategies across paid and owned channels to drive brand awareness and engagement.

Disclaimer: Your actual out-of-pocket costs are determined by your insurer. eNavvi only publishes data that we think is correct and trust, but insurers may change insurance plans without notice, or may allow or deny benefits for many reasons, and thus actual costs may differ from the costs posted on eNavvi. You should always verify your costs directly with your insurer. Furthermore, eNavvi provides no recommendation, implied or explicit, for the appropriate drug or price for any patient.