Frequently asked questions

An online pharmacy is a digital platform where people can purchase prescription medications and healthcare products over the internet. Customers can browse, order medications, and have them delivered to their doorstep, but it is important to ensure the legitimacy and safety of the online pharmacy before making a purchase.

The price of drugs can vary depending on a given insurance provider and formulary coverage. Sometimes it is cheaper to pay the out-of-pocket cash price, rather than using insurance and associated copay.

A medication formulary is a list of approved prescription drugs that outlines coverage and availability, guiding healthcare providers and patients in making medication decisions.

ENavvi doesn’t support sending prescriptions through our platform yet, but by clicking the link to our partners one can find the medications and instruction to prescribe. Specific instructions to prescribe can be found on our FAQs here.

Prescribing via Cost Plus is similar to any other pharmacy that your provider regularly usese. Your provider can either call, fax or send your prescription to Cost Plus.

Cost plus can be found on your EMR system by searching for the pharmacy “Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company” or by their NCPDP ID: 3689568. It is important to note providers must include the patient’s email address. The email address is required for Cost Plus Pharmacy’s systems.

A prescription can be called into Cost Plus at 833-926-3384. You will need to know the patients: name, date of birth, email address, and the specific medication being prescribed.

Yes, in order to change a prescription that has been previously sent have your provider call 833-926-3384.

Pharmacists are available 24/7 through Cost Plus’s fulfillment partner, Trupill Pharmacy.

The drugs that are available on cost plus can be found at

Aks your physician to include all of the following name, date of birth, email address, medications.

Each pharmacy has their own unique pharmacy ID. Cost Plus pharmacy ID is # 3689568.

Cost Plus will receive your prescription. They will match that prescription with your Cost Plus account and notify you by email. Once you are notified, login to your Cost Plus account and order your medication(s).

At the moment, we support Cost Plus and Blueberry Pharmacy.

Please have your pharmacy contact us at eNavvi and we’d be happy to add your local pharmacy and their cash prices on our platform.

The cash prices on eNavvi are provided directly from the pharmacy.

Not all medications are available at this time through our cash price partners. For an up-to-date list of those that are available through our partners just search eNavvi for that medication or go to their online medication list.

Yes, your provider needs to send a valid prescription to one of our cash price partners in order to have it filled.

Each partner has different fulfillment methods and timing. Please, see their individual website for specific details on time to fulfillment.

We are a healthcare IT startup that helps prescribers throughout the prescription decision process; our first product is a formulary navigator that shows prescribers and patients how much a patient’s drugs will cost and any requirements to prescribe it, among other useful data. In the long term we are building a platform to streamline healthcare delivery by democratizing data for clinicians and patients while helping insurers meet transparency regulatory compliance.

Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage: Nationwide Medicaid: California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Texas, New York, and Nevada Marketplace: California, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada

There are two likely reasons. First, we only support some locations within the U.S. - see question two above. If you are in a supported location, we may not have access to your plan: we depend on insurers for insurance plan data. We are constantly adding new plans, but if an insurance company does not publish their coverage information, then we cannot display it either.

Coverage and copay are as accurate as our source data from CMS and insurers. That means our information is almost always accurate, but insurers can and do change coverage without notifying the market.

We update ~95% of formularies within 48 hours of an insurer posting it publicly. Some formularies are more complicated and may require a few extra days.

eNavvi’s mission is to revolutionize healthcare through price and quality transparency, helping patients and their doctors make better health decisions. We have many projects in the pipeline - please stay tuned for more details!

For general questions, contact, and press: For issues, bugs, or other support,

Please reach out to with your formulary information. We will be happy to host it if it is not already available

We are continually rolling out new states and new formularies. If you would like us to come to your state sooner, please contact us and we would love to discuss it with you.