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1. What is eNavvi?

We are a healthcare IT startup that helps prescribers throughout the prescription decision process; our first product is a formulary navigator that shows prescribers and patients how much a patient’s drugs will cost and any requirements to prescribe it, among other useful data. In the long term we are building a platform to streamline healthcare delivery by democratizing data for clinicians and patients while helping insurers meet transparency regulatory compliance.

2. What are the available formularies?

Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage: Nationwide
Medicaid: California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Texas, New York, and Nevada
Marketplace: California, Florida, Hawaii, Nevada

3. Why can’t I find my plan’s formulary?

There are two likely reasons. First, we only support some locations within the U.S. - see question two above. If you are in a supported location, we may not have access to your plan: we depend on insurers for insurance plan data. We are constantly adding new plans, but if an insurance company does not publish their coverage information, then we cannot display it either.

4. How accurate are the coverage and copay?

Coverage and copay are as accurate as our source data from CMS and insurers. That means our information is almost always accurate, but insurers can and do change coverage without notifying the market.

5. How often are the formularies updated?

We update ~95% of formularies within 48 hours of an insurer posting it publicly. Some formularies are more complicated and may require a few extra days.

6. What’s next for eNavvi?

eNavvi’s mission is to revolutionize healthcare through price and quality transparency, helping patients and their doctors make better health decisions. We have many projects in the pipeline - please stay tuned for more details!

7. How to reach us?

For general questions, contact, and press: For issues, bugs, or other support,

8. Can I host my formulary with eNavvi?

Please reach out to with your formulary information. We will be happy to host it if it is not already available

9. When will eNavvi be live in my state?

We are continually rolling out new states and new formularies. If you would like us to come to your state sooner, please contact us and we would love to discuss it with you.