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Our Story

Every day we saw patients struggling with their medications. We wrote prescriptions for life-saving drugs, only to learn days later that the cost was unexpectedly high, forcing patients to cut pills or leave the prescription unfilled.

Patients then fell into a vicious cycle of nonadherence and poor health, ultimately increasing service utilization and healthcare costs.

The solution is to address the problem at the point of prescription; providers need a tool that shows them copays and covered alternatives, ensuring that the provider and patient together find a medication that the patient can afford and will use.

eNavvi is that tool.

The result: patients fill their prescriptions, there are no unexpected costs, adherence increases, and patients are healthier and happier.

Disclaimer: Your actual out-of-pocket costs are determined by your insurer. eNavvi only publishes data that we think is correct and trust, but insurers may change insurance plans without notice, or may allow or deny benefits for many reasons, and thus actual costs may differ from the costs posted on eNavvi. You should always verify your costs directly with your insurer. Furthermore, eNavvi provides no recommendation, implied or explicit, for the appropriate drug or price for any patient.